• One Unified Monitoring View of IT

    One Unified Monitoring View of IT

    Unified. Comprehensive. Easy-to-Use.


    up.time is a unified and highly scalable IT monitoring solution that enables organizations to gain visibility and control over the performance, availability and capacity of their IT environment; whether on-premise, remote or in the cloud.

One Unified View of IT with up.time

up.time is highly scalable and easy-to-use Enterprise IT monitoring software that provides comprehensive visibility and control over performance, availability, and capacity for all servers, VMs, applications, services, and networks that run on-premise, remotely, or in the cloud. Complex traditional and light weight SaaS IT monitoring solutions simply cannot match up.time's depth, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness for Enterprise IT.

What We Do  

The Alternative to Complex & Expensive Monitoring

up.time provides the depth, scalability, and capabilities that large and mid-sized enterprises need to effectively manage the health of their IT infrastructure and applications. 

Highly Scalable. Fast Deployment. Expert Support. Less IT Budget Required.

  up.time Replaces the Big 4 

Outgrowing Open-Source or Low End Monitoring

No more wasted time writing monitoring scripts or answering false alerts. No more poorly integrated plugins, spotty support, or untested upgrades. Graduate to enterprise-level IT monitoring and reporting that fits your IT budget.

Enterprise Scalability. Expert Support. Easy-to-Use. Less Admin Time.

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