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Network monitoring software has to keep the network up 24/7/365 to make end-users productive. It takes deep and accurate network monitoring to watch over critical areas of network performance, network availability, and network capacity. up.time provides a powerful and unified view of your network that proactively detects issues before they become serious.

Visibility over the Entire Network

Your network is a critical platform for delivering applications and services to your business and end-users. If problems start, if the network slows down, or if an imminent network failure is coming, you need to know about it ASAP. Jumping between vendor specific tools to find answers is time consuming and frustrating. up.time's network monitoring dashboards provide complete network monitoring and analysis to help you watch over the performance and availability of all routers, switches, servers and other SNMP-enabled devices.

Network Monitoring Software

Find and Fix Network Bottlenecks Fast

End-users demand that applications and services are not only available, but fast. If your network is bogged down, it can be frustrating for your end-users and a strike against IT. You can either throw money and new infrastructure at the problem or you can focus on solving them. up.time network monitoring software lets you quickly view the status of core networks and alerts you when the network starts slowing down. Then use up.time's deep-dive network tools and root-cause analysis to highlight and fix network problems before end-users start calling the helpdesk.

Network Monitoring

Proactive Alerts & Root-Cause Analysis

Always get the right alert at the right time, with no false alerts that leave you guessing about the real problem. Then, dive into up.time's customizable and interactive network monitoring software dashboards and go from high level views (like world maps, topology and dependency maps, and more) to root cause in minutes. up.time's deep network metrics show you exactly where the problem is, regardless if it's at the network, server, or application level. See up.time's network monitors and metrics.

Network Performance Monitoring

Quickly Identify Network Bandwidth Issues

Networks are flooded will all types of data. Some data is critical to the business but some isn't. When it comes to the unimportant network traffic, find the who, what, where, when and how and shut them down. This opens up more network capacity for the important business processes and helps save IT budget. up.time's optional Netflow monitoring provides in-depth network analysis of NetFlow enabled devices (including Cisco NetFlow, Juniper JFlow and more) for a deep profiling of information on your network.

Network Reporting Software

Monitoring, alerting, and reporting on your network, servers, applications, and IT services with multiple tools is painful and costly. The server team is blaming the network team, who's blaming the application team, who's blaming the server team. Each team has a different tool showing "they're right," so problems don't get fixed as quickly as they need to be. In addition to the management nightmare, the costs of buying, configuring, deploying, maintaining, and supporting the many different tools is high. up.time's unified monitoring tool solves this problem, and lets you monitor all IT systems with one monitoring solution.

up.time is a highly customizable and unified IT dashboard that provides comprehensive server monitoring, network monitoring, and application monitoring, along with complete capacity planning and IT SLA monitoring. up.time is used by Fortune 500 companies (monitoring and reporting on over 100,000 elements), as well as mid-sized and small enterprises. Easily see across IT silos and platforms to proactively stop problems before they happen. Use up.time for comprehensive and unified monitoring of your IT environment.

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Time to value, that's the key. Easy to use, fast to deploy, and highly scalable, that's up.time. Customize, extend, and scale to over 100,000 elements, easily import existing monitoring scripts from other tools (in any language) for a painless migration. up.time has snap-in integration and can pass to, and receive data from, other IT and business tools (Help Desk, CMDB, BI tools, etc.).

up.time was designed to be easy-to-use, and so is our licensing is. Each monitored element only requires a single element license, regardless of the device type (physical server, virtual server, network device). This includes everything that up.time offers, such unlimited application monitors, service monitors, performance data collection, capacity management and access to all graphing, reporting, dashboards and SLA management features. Don't overspend on complex and expensive solutions.


  • Network Torubleshooting
  • Network Monitoring Dashboard
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Topology
  • Network uptime Report
  • Netowrk Performance Reporting
  • Netflow Monitoring
  • Netflow Reporting
  • Application Resource Monitoring

What are People Saying about up.time?

  • We needed a fully functional and a centralized IT monitoring dashboard. It was time to move from an open-source to a commercial solution that was supported at an enterprise level.
    -Tenzing (an MSP)
  • To be honest, up.time helps me sleep at night, because I know it's always watching over our critical eHealth services.
    -State Health Information Exchange
  • We were outgrowing our current tool (open source) and wanted a proven and easy-to-use enterprise IT monitoring toolset that would fit within our budget. up.time was perfect.
    -University Health Systems
  • We looked at a stack of solutions, including the larger tier vendors, but deployment times and costs were unreasonable. up.time was the quick deployment and quick results software we wanted.
    -Toll Holdings Group
  • up.time never misses anything, it always catches issues and potential problems, alerting our team immediately. Notifications go the right people, at the right time, every time. up.time keeps IT available 24/7/365.
    -Southern US State

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