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Unified IT Monitoring

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IT Monitoring

up.time, from uptime software, monitors performance, availability and capacity across all servers, virtual machines, applications, IT services, and the network. Proactively find IT system performance issues before they happen, report on total capacity, easily identify troublemakers, trouble-shoot server and application problems fast, create and report on SLAs, and more.

5 Reasons to Choose up.time for Unified IT Monitoring


    1.  One Unified and Accurate View of IT.

A unified IT Dashboard that monitors and reports on all server and application health (performance, availability and capacity). A GUI that is easily customizable, with a drag and drop dashboard design. In minutes, create private dashboards, team dashboards (server team, application team, capacity team, etc.) and a NOC for the entire datacenter.

   2.  The Best Monitoring Tools in One Solution.

From deep root-cause analysis, to proactive alerting, to powerful reporting, to cross-platform monitoring, to self-healing automation, everything is included. In addition, up.time monitors, alerts and reports on Windows, Linux, UNIX (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Novell), Virtual (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen) and Cloud servers and applications.

   3.  Complete IT Performance and Availability Monitoring.

Find and fix problems fast with server and application uptime and "hot spot" reports, top ten problem lists, and more. Reports show the overall uptime of the entire infrastructure, so you know if you're meeting availability targets. For resource-constrained elements, find out if it's a configuration issue or a resourcing issue. Show which servers and network devices are the top consumers in various resource usage categories. Show which physical servers are running short on memory, or are overworked.

   4.  Take Control of IT Capacity.

Quickly see and optimize total IT capacity across platforms (physical, virtual, cloud, legacy). Capacity planning and trending shows when you'll run out of capacity, before it happens.

   5.  Install in Minutes, Deploy in Days, Migrate with Ease.

Time to value, that's the key. You need a tool that's easy to use and fast to deploy. You also need the best tool at the best price, as well as the ability to extend and scale your resources when needed. With up.time, you can customize, extend, and scale to over 100,000 elements. Easily import existing monitoring scripts from other tools (in any language) for a painless migration. up.time has snap-in integration and can pass data to, and receive data from, other IT and business tools (Help Desk, CMDB, BI tools, etc.). Simple and flexible licensing.



"up.time's speed of deployment is something we haven't seen in a product like this. This much server information with deployment this fast is unrivaled."  - Telenor


"We can now monitor and manage all servers, applications, and the network from the same dashboard.” - Six Telekurs


"up.time is a powerful and very easy to use IT monitoring solution." - University Health System


“We looked at a number of solutions, including the larger tier vendors, but the cost and deployment times were simply unreasonable. I would absolutely recommend up.time. I couldn’t be happier with it.” -  Toll Holdings Group. 

Unified IT Monitoring Software


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"up.time proves that it has what it takes, time and time again. It's constantly refreshing the product and really is the IT monitoring tool that enterprises need. up.time is just better than the key competitors." - TechWorld

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