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17Oct. 2014

Taking Your IT Department to the Next Level – The IT Maturity Curve

Let’s face it, IT is hard. We get it. Technology is constantly changing, environments are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex, and IT organizations are forced to be lean on staff and tight on budget.


So, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you feel fully in control of your environment and datacenter today?
  2. Do you feel prepared for the major changes that cloud technology (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) will have on IT and business tomorrow?
  3. Do you feel IT is proactive in the way it’s managed, or is 80% of time still reactive and spent in firefighting mode?
  4. Most importantly, do your IT tools save you time and money, or do they turn into budget and resource eating pits? Do they make life easier, or more complex?

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14Oct. 2014

Tech Tip Video – Application Monitoring

Tech Tip Video – Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is all about delivering IT services to end users. So, staying on top of application performance and availability is critical to proactively head off application problems before they happen. up.time’s unified view of applications (including deep monitoring of the underlying infrastructure) proactively monitors, alerts, and reports on applications to highlight issues before they become serious.

Our very own Solution Architect, Dan Branton helps guide you through the process. You can also read more about it by clicking here.

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3Oct. 2014

New up.time plugins available on The Grid

Manage, Measure, Monitor

Extending and scaling an IT monitoring solution like up.time® is essential in a world where new technologies and infrastructure is added to enterprise IT departments, almost a on a daily basis. That’s why at uptime software, we are constantly updating and creating new FREE plugins for up.time® and up.time® customers.

Good news! The uptime solutions group has been hard at work enhancing the up.time® experience!

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1Oct. 2014

Three Tips to Cut IT Downtime and Maximize Performance

IT Downtime is the stuff nightmares are made of for IT managers everywhere. Regardless of how strictly they adhere to the best practices provided by their assorted vendors and IT service partners, the fear is very real; downtime costs money and jobs, period.

The first step to mitigating your IT downtime is identifying the usual suspects. Here are the first places you should look: Read the rest of this entry »

12Sep. 2014

Four Tips to Drive Datacenter Efficiency

The modern datacenter is the heart of an enterprise and faces challenges with changing technologies, complex IT environments, and lean IT budgets. As a result, businesses need to manage their datacenter more efficiently and foster a proactive approach towards their IT performance. Read the rest of this entry »

5Sep. 2014

Five Secrets to Stretch Your IT Budget (Free Checklist Included)

Over the years, IT budgets have become synonymous with the phrase “do more with less.” So, with that in mind, here are five ways to get big results from small budgets:

IT Budget

IT Budget

  1. IT Systems Monitoring (ITSM) “Need vs. Want”.
         Figure out exactly what your team needs to get the job done. Understand the capabilities you need from a systems monitoring solution and find one that is proven in those areas.

  2. Know the Total Licensing Cost of ITSM Suites
    a. Look for Licensing that Offers You the Most Value and is Easy to Understand and
         b. Know the Cost to Include the Capabilities/Features you Need
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21Aug. 2014

Can Open Source Monitoring Cost You Your Job?

Open source monitoring can be a useful step in the IT process for small companies that are just beginning to monitor their IT infrastructure and applications. However, as companies grow and their IT needs mature, they often require a more comprehensive IT monitoring solution that offers unified dashboards and reporting, broad and deep capabilities, greater flexibility, and easier administration. More often than not, enterprises run into a common problem set when using open source tools for monitoring: Read the rest of this entry »

12Aug. 2014

IT Systems Performance – How One of the Largest Water Utility Companies in the US Stays in Control of IT

Having the right IT monitoring solution is crucial for IT teams whose operational tasks include incident response and reporting, as well as handing technical problems that affect IT systems performance.  Forward thinking IT teams need the right tools to help them be more proactive and provide business units with the functionality they need to be successful. Read the rest of this entry »

31Jul. 2014

Monitoring IT Infrastructure and Applications: City of Malmö, Sweden

IT infrastructure and applications can be complex when you’re undergoing a rapid transition from industrial port to vibrant technology first community.

City of Malmö: IT infrastructure & Applications

City of Malmö: IT infrastructure & Applications

Malmö, a commercial centre in southern Sweden, is in the midst of this type of transition. They have a complex IT infrastructure that supports application delivery to ensure end-users’ needs are being met. The complexity is found in the dynamic nature of their systems and capacity needs, with user loads that can vary from 100 users one day to many thousands the next. Read the rest of this entry »

25Jul. 2014

Happy IT System Administrator Day!

Happy IT System Administrator Day!

July 25th is IT System Administrator Appreciation Day and we wanted to wish a happy one to all the AWESOME SysAdmins out there.

You toil all year round, proactively tackling tough IT problems and putting out IT fires as fast as possible to keep your company’s servers, applications, and networks up and running, 24/7/365. It’s a never ending job and you deserve a big “THANK YOU” today.

So try to relax and enjoy your day, and we promise to keep working hard on up.time to help make your job easier.

Wishing you a very happy SysAdmin Day!
From all of us at uptime software.

Keep Calm and love your SysAdmin