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5Jun. 2015

Geek Sync: In Depth Look At Application Performance Monitoring

Hello from up.time and Idera.  I’m one of the new product managers working on the up.time product after it joined the Idera family. As part of the new Idera Geek Sync series, I’ll be doing a webcast on the theory underpinning application performance monitoring you may want to attend.

It can be confusing to understand all the different monitoring techniques and how they apply to your systems.  When I was a Web operations manager working at a large enterprise, we started to accumulate monitoring tools.  Our VP kept questioning me about the additional tool buys.  “You guys just bought a monitoring tool.  Now you’re buying another one.  I don’t understand!” What we were really doing was assembling a portfolio of tools that would monitor all the different parts of our application – the endpoints, the systems, the databases, the applications, and more.  I found it helpful to devise a “Monitoring 101′ approach that demonstrates the various instrumentation points within a modern computer system and the ways you can instrument them.  This talk won’t be specifically about up.time or other Idera products, it will talk at a more theoretical level about the kinds of things you can instrument and how you do that (though I may mention some specific product functionality we have that hits those instrumentation points as examples for reference).

Here’s the description of the talk, and a teaser image:

instrumentationpointsAs applications become more and more critical and valuable in today’s business world, the importance of monitoring the efficiency of those applications has greatly increased. Poor application performance can negatively impact user satisfaction and subsequently cause loss in revenue for your company.

Join us for a Geek Sync as Ernest Mueller, application performance product manager at Idera, walks us through an in depth explanation of application performance infrastructure architecture while exploring the relationship and interconnectivity of each piece within it.

About Ernest: Ernest Mueller is a product manager for Idera’s APM products in Austin, TX. In his 20 years in IT he’s been a developer, system administrator, and IT/engineering manager in companies ranging from large enterprises to established SaaS businesses to startups. He runs conferences (DevOpsDays Austin), organizes user groups (CloudAustin), and speaks and blogs ( on cloud technologies, Agile, monitoring, security, and DevOps.

Register here to attend!

18Nov. 2014

Purchase hardware and build the data center via converged infrastructure

cmgI recently presented at a CMG Canada seminar in Toronto (October 29th, 2014). The topics discussed throughout the day were broadly applicable to many IT professionals and I thought sharing some of the discussion might help others facing similar challenges.

For those who are not familiar with CMG it stands for Computer Measurement Group. It is a not-for-profit, worldwide organization whose members are primarily focused on performance and capacity management.

The CMG Canada seminars are designed to explore new technologies and challenges facing IT professionals. Although many of the presentations are from vendor representatives, like myself, CMG Canada is focused on vendor neutral topics. Read the rest of this entry »

13Nov. 2014

Working with SQL Queries

Insider Guest Post



I’m a Sys Admin for a SaaS provider of payroll tax solutions.  SQL Server is critical to the service we provide to our customers so we are continually checking the availability and performance of our SQL Server databases.  One of our major problems occurs when information gets passed to the database but doesn’t get processed.  So while simple monitoring tools may show that the database is available, in this scenario we don’t detect that our user interface isn’t working or functioning properly. Read the rest of this entry »

12Nov. 2014

Tech Tip Video: Installing Extensions Using the up.time Extension Manager

Installing and Upgrading Plugins

In some cases, your environment might require you to capture unique metrics or monitor specialized applications; To do this, you can configure up.time with advanced service monitors, or download and install plugin monitors to provide you all the custom and in-depth metrics you could need. Read the rest of this entry »

5Nov. 2014

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Virtualization

uptime samplesVirtualization enables IT organizations to radically cut costs associated with hardware, power and space, it’s not all roses as it also brings problems around complexity and staffing. Many enterprises are seeing no savings in labor costs, and in some cases, it increases. From IT executives’ standpoint, they experience governance problems from their lack of manageability of their virtualization efforts. Furthermore, they also run into licensing problems. As virtual instances are spun up, they are uncertain whether purchased licenses cover their activities. Keeping track is proving difficult. Additionally, software costs are increasing, as each new instance, demands licensing of software, which then escalates costs. Where have the savings gone? Read the rest of this entry »

30Oct. 2014

Some of the Ways I Use up.time

Grand Canyon

Insider Guest Post


I’m a System Administrator for Nevada’s primary energy provider. We’re one of the fastest growing energy companies in the US but we have a relatively small IT team. We support a wide variety of systems (including Windows, AIX, Unix, Linux and others) across two data centers and I personally support all of the organization’s AIX pSeries systems. We originally had IBM Tivoli as our monitoring solution but switched to up.time almost 2 years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

27Oct. 2014
17Oct. 2014

Taking Your IT Department to the Next Level – The IT Maturity Curve

Let’s face it, IT is hard. We get it. Technology is constantly changing, environments are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex, and IT organizations are forced to be lean on staff and tight on budget.


So, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you feel fully in control of your environment and datacenter today?
  2. Do you feel prepared for the major changes that cloud technology (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) will have on IT and business tomorrow?
  3. Do you feel IT is proactive in the way it’s managed, or is 80% of time still reactive and spent in firefighting mode?
  4. Most importantly, do your IT tools save you time and money, or do they turn into budget and resource eating pits? Do they make life easier, or more complex?

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14Oct. 2014

Tech Tip Video – Application Monitoring

Tech Tip Video – Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is all about delivering IT services to end users. So, staying on top of application performance and availability is critical to proactively head off application problems before they happen. up.time’s unified view of applications (including deep monitoring of the underlying infrastructure) proactively monitors, alerts, and reports on applications to highlight issues before they become serious.

Our very own Solution Architect, Dan Branton helps guide you through the process. You can also read more about it by clicking here.

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3Oct. 2014

New up.time plugins available on The Grid

Manage, Measure, Monitor

Extending and scaling an IT monitoring solution like up.time® is essential in a world where new technologies and infrastructure is added to enterprise IT departments, almost a on a daily basis. That’s why at uptime software, we are constantly updating and creating new FREE plugins for up.time® and up.time® customers.

Good news! The uptime solutions group has been hard at work enhancing the up.time® experience!

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