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12Aug. 2009

SpringSource and VMware

As most of you know already, VMware has acquired SpringSource for a quite remarkable $420MM. Along with this purchase comes Hyperic, a struggling open source system’s management vendor that was recently force-merged with SpringSource by communal VCs.
Ultimately, this acquisition sets the stage for development and deployment on cloud computing platforms (PaaS), however, our interest lies in the monitoring, measurement, and management of applications running in the cloud. This is an area in which Hyperic conceivably will be used, however, they will need lots of development effort to enhance their cloud offering (Amazon EC2 API calls to instantiate AMI’s isn’t really what I would call ‘cloud leadership’, or ‘cool’).
I am also curious as to how enterprise customers are going to deal with having open source software managing their environments (there still are a huge number of holdouts in this area, which is why Hyperic was struggling).
This acquisition, in the next 12-18 months, doesn’t help VMware compete against Microsoft’s SCOM in heterogeneous environments (physical, virtual, and multiplatform) – which, in my opinion, poses a greater risk to enterprise adoption.


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