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28Apr. 2011

Amazon outage and greater awareness raising

Amazon was in the news this week, for all the wrong reasons — who wants to be associated with a massive outage and loss of customer data.  Having said this, the event has caused a great amount of hand-wringing and awareness raising around the limitation of cloud based services.  Let’s call it Amazon’s moment, the bubble of unlimited compute with perceived one hundred percent availability and storage reliability has been burst.  Yes, there will be a corresponding pull-back and introspection around deploying into the cloud, but this kind of cataclysmic event serves a great purpose – education.

Cloud is convenient, cloud is dynamic, cloud is cool; but the romance is over, and now it’s time to figure out how can you effectively use it knowing the risks.  In the mid-enterprise market, private datacenters are not going away any time soon and the current Amazon outage indicates that not all data is best housed in the cloud.  How are you going to decide what goes where, and just as importantly, how are you going to monitor your physical, virtual, and cloud assets?


  • Plato67

    An interesting perspective Alex and good points….now that the cloud “honeymoon” is coming to an end…DC managers are going to get a lot more demanding from cloud vendors like Amazon to provide production grade availability and SLAs. It is going to be a hybrid world for a long time . Monitoring is the obvious answer…but for some reason it seems that for many organizations they plough into new technology/services first and then worry about monitoring later. That is kinda like having 300 over 140 blood pressure, falling over from a near fatal heart attack…and then deciding to start monitoring your vitals…go figure.

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